Editing Show Reel

Music: © Daft Punk

Here are some examples of my work. Each clip used in this reel has been edited, designed, produced, composited or directed by myself. As with most projects, this is made possible by the talents and generosity of other team members.

Digital Smash Reel

Music: © So Many Dynamos

As well as filmmaking I dabble in the digital realm by way of design and development for the web (specifically within the wordpress platorm). Amongst others this reel includes:, and


“I am a multi-skilled freelance creative and media professional with over a decade of industry experience from the video, film, design, digital and charity sectors.

I’d really enjoy working with you, so please drop me an email today”

I also co-produce the internationally acclaimed web-series ‘Bloody Cuts’ and together with the team, continue to make top tier short films with a taste of Hollywood and the spirit of independent film.

Anthony Melton on the set of Mother Died
Image by - Rory Harper
Anthony and Jonny on the set of Dare
Image by - James Hills.


These values represent the spread of my knowledge across my digital skillset.


Adobe Premiere CC


Adobe After Effects CC

Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista II

Adobe Encore CC

Adobe Audition CC


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe InDesign CC


Adobe Dreamweaver CC

HTML, CSS, Wordpress PHP


A sample of films from the last couple of years. All content is copywritten to their respective owners (see videos for details). Bloody Cuts' work is displayed as and example of the popular web series, created by a collective of filmmakers and produced by Ben Franklin and myself.

Don't Move

Episode 8 of Bloody Cuts, directed by yours truly and edited by fellow Bloody Cuts producer Ben Franklin. I also produced the motion graphics. DOP: Jonny Franklin.

Death Scenes

Episode 7 of Bloody Cuts, which I edited for director Joel Morgan. I also produced the motion graphics / credits.
DOP: Ben Kent.

14 Weeks of Flights

Episode 1 from a series of short films created from the discarded selections from some of my photography.


LAW Creative Show Reel

I worked together with full service agency LAW Creative to produce this showreel showcasing their awesome work.

'Don't Move'

I have directed, produced and on most part shot, 5 making of films for Bloody Cuts... This is the most recent.


A few of my images crammed into boxes.



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Sci-Fi 48

Last weekend I was lucky / mad enough to be part of the London SciFi 48hr Film Challenge, a short film competition which challenges it’s film making teams to create 5 minute science fiction short within a 48 hour period from inception to delivery (Here are the comp rules).

Ben Franklin and I were down to direct under the team ‘Bubblegum and Batwings’, so we gathered a troupe of willing cast and crew from our existing Bloody Cuts team as well as recruiting some new and very talented folks. (You can read my post on the Official Bloody Cuts website for more info on the team and supporters here).

Photography by Emelia Barrett

The toughest thing about this challenge is how little planning you can do for your actual story and script, based on the requirement for it to compliment the 3 assets you are given as part of the challenge.  I pride myself on my commitment to preparation, so going in cold to something like this is to say the least, terrifying.

Luckily though, we had tooled up prior to the shoot with a wide range of props and costumes (courtesy of Propstore of London and Millennium FX) and secured a location in a working sand quarry in Norfolk,  apart from that had a clean slate and awaited our ‘Title, Line of Dialogue and Prop’ with excitement and trepidation in equal measure.

Photography by Emelia Barrett

Ben and I wanted to really push ourselves and the team in terms of what we could deliver so we pretty much pushed through the 48 hours with very little sleep, everyone survived, just.

We shot the majority of the film on the Saturday, and cut camera at about 5am in the morning wrapping everyone that had fulfilled their contribution and prepping those required for the 2nd unit on Sunday.

After two hours of caffeine hindered sleep I crawled off of my blow up bed to swallow some more coffee and terrible tasting energy drink, and prepare for another 24 hours of madness.  So for the Sunday I broke off with a skeleton crew to direct the last few scenes, whilst Ben made a start on the post production and wrangled the editors and VFX artists.

As I was making Tom and Dom run around the sand quarry, Jonny Franklin and James Hills climb a top of mounds of rubble and broken glass, Ben was cutting scenes whilst Dan, Marc and Ryan were making heads explode, robots come to life and mutant fish emit gas.

Photography by Emelia Barrett

We wrapped photography at about 1:30pm and headed back to base camp to join the post production and head into the dark of Sunday night… With Ben, Ryan and I left to fight the demons of sleep deprivation and the goblins of Adobe premiere running on very domestic hardware.

And so, things started to get weird.

Monday 14th April 2014 03:00

I’m staring at a glowing monitor surrounded by technology, two other operatives tap and click away at there stations across the large table in front of me. Suddenly the young man to the left of me blurts out a high pitched verse in an indecipherable and alien language which tumbles away into a hysterical laughter… I’m amused and accompany the laughter with my own. Hidden behind a bank of monitors the operative sat opposite me at the other end of the table joins in for a few moments until tailing off.

The operative to the left of me is still laughing, his broad belly laugh has slipped into short hysterical yelps, he’s still smiling but his face is turning red. I look up from my machine and step away to look at the young man who by now has slid back from his machine and doubled over as the hilarity tortures his stomach, my smile fades as I wonder if this is the beginnings of some form of fit…

I open the external door to my right and let in some air… The young man, still gripped by laughter stands up and moves into the cold night… I lean round the monitors to look over at my fellow operative still sat working the other side of the table, we exchange a worried but unavoidably amused look as the young man stands alone in the dark outside, laughing uncontrollably…

or maybe he was crying…

sleep deprivation does funny things…

So without further adieu, here’s our entry for the 2014 London Sci-Fi Film Challenge -  ‘Machine Stopped Working’…

Monday 14th April 2014 12:45pm

File uploaded.

Hysterics replaced by relief.

2014 Sci-Fi London 48 hour Film Challenge DONE.

This challenge was mind blowingly good fun, and whilst the hours were tough and the night shift’s grueling, each and every member of the team bound together and gave it there utter most to deliver something truly special for which they have my undying gratitude.

I will finish by passing huge thanks to my partner in crime Ben Franklin for not only editing and sound designing the majority of the film, but grading this beast too (despite our hardware doing everything it possibly could to hinder the final stages of post production). Also huge respect goes to Ryan Thompson who sat through the final night shift with Ben and I and smashed out some tremendous VFX shots whist nearly losing his sanity to the ‘Lords of the Machine’.

Special thanks to Kate Walshe, who did a fantastic job on set as SFX Producer, as well as being monumentally integral to the films existence by offering the support of Millennium FX and hooking us up with Propstore of London.

Lastly and by no means least, thanks to Jonny Franklin who consistently makes our films look epic “Your light-fu amazes me every time, cheers fella”.

All photography by Emelia Barrett


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Don't Move Producton Diary

An image-led record of the pre-production undertaken for the 8th episode of Bloody Cuts. Don’t Move was released in April 2013 and with its 1 year birthday coming up, I take a look back at some of the awesome work carried out by the cast and crew.

If you fancy seeing the final result and have a strong stomach, then check it out here


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