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Editing Show Reel

Music: © Daft Punk

Here are some examples of my work. Each clip used in this reel has been edited, designed, produced, composited or directed by myself. As with most projects, this is made possible by the talents and generosity of other team members.

Digital Smash Reel

Music: © So Many Dynamos

As well as filmmaking I dabble in the digital realm by way of design and development for the web (specifically within the wordpress platorm). Amongst others this reel includes: fatpunkstudio.com, lawcreative.co.uk and christt.com.


“I am a multi-skilled freelance creative and media professional with over a decade of industry experience from the video, film, design, digital and charity sectors.

I’d really enjoy working with you, so please drop me an email today”

I also co-produce the internationally acclaimed web-series ‘Bloody Cuts’ and together with the team, continue to make top tier short films with a taste of Hollywood and the spirit of independent film.

Anthony Melton on the set of Mother Died
Image by - Rory Harper
Anthony and Jonny on the set of Dare
Image by - James Hills.


These values represent the spread of my knowledge across my digital skillset.


Adobe Premiere CC


Adobe After Effects CC

Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista II

Adobe Encore CC

Adobe Audition CC


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe InDesign CC


Adobe Dreamweaver CC

HTML, CSS, Wordpress PHP


A sample of films from the last couple of years. All content is copywritten to their respective owners (see videos for details). Bloody Cuts' work is displayed as and example of the popular web series, created by a collective of filmmakers and produced by Ben Franklin and myself.

Don't Move

Episode 8 of Bloody Cuts, directed by yours truly and edited by fellow Bloody Cuts producer Ben Franklin. I also produced the motion graphics. DOP: Jonny Franklin.

Death Scenes

Episode 7 of Bloody Cuts, which I edited for director Joel Morgan. I also produced the motion graphics / credits.
DOP: Ben Kent.

14 Weeks of Flights

Episode 1 from a series of short films created from the discarded selections from some of my photography.


LAW Creative Show Reel

I worked together with full service agency LAW Creative to produce this showreel showcasing their awesome work.

'Don't Move'

I have directed, produced and on most part shot, 5 making of films for Bloody Cuts... This is the most recent.


A few of my images crammed into boxes.


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